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A Twist Of Fate
by Tina Dison

They are the eternal children of the night, cold and pallid beings longing for that which flows through human veins, which gives mortals life. The warmth of passion is just as vital to existence, though, and in author Tina Dison’s tale, a young woman will have the chance to slake a vampire’s thirst with her love when A Twist Of Fate occurs.

At 17, Angel Johanson found herself a victim of circumstance. As she struggles to overcome a painful past and learn to bond with strangers, she finds herself both frightened and fascinated by an unusual family, the Callengers. Little does she know that they have a shocking secret. Her life will change forever when she unveils the family’s mystery, and when she meets the enigmatic Sean. Readers will see if he can save her from the monsters that threaten to destroy her, for as the stakes rise higher, they have no one else but each other when their paths cross due to A Twist Of Fate